Louisiana Economic Development Association

About LEDA Group


LEDA Group engages in scientific and technological innovations, strategic programs, and social and economic development. The organization brings together multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural thinkers to fill a void in the marketplace between strategic consultants, interactive agencies, and design firms. We provide educational programs, business consultation as well as strategic partnership for executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. With our extensive experience in market development, workforce training, and products research, we understand the subtleties of how innovations are changing the business landscape and local economy. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, LEDA Group strives to promote new business ideas, as well as to assist in the development of new companies, that lead to economic growth, workforce creation, and job retention.


LEDA Group welcomes participation by non-profit organizations, local entrepreneurs, small business owners, government agencies, and corporations. We hope to revitalize our local economy by planning and executing long-term strategies that will support Louisiana as a global hub for future businesses and investments.