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Education is an important part of life and educational services are the second largest industry in the world. In recent decades, the Nation has focused attention on the educational system, because of the growing importance of producing a trained and educated workforce. Computer technology continues to affect the education industry. Teachers use the Internet in classrooms, as well as to communicate with colleagues and parents; students use the Internet for research projects.


Education Administrators provide vision, direction, leadership, and day-to-day management of educational activities in schools, colleges and universities. They set educational standards and goals and aid in establishing the policies and procedures to carry them out. They develop academic programs; monitor students' educational progress; hire, train, motivate, and evaluate teachers and other staff; manage counseling and other student services; administer recordkeeping; prepare budgets; and handle relations with staff, parents, current and prospective students, employers.


With additional education or certification, teachers may become school librarians, reading specialists, curriculum specialists, or guidance counselors. Some teachers advance to administrative or supervisory positions—such as instructional coordinator, assistant principal, or principal—but the number of these jobs is limited. In some school systems, highly qualified, experienced elementary and secondary school teachers can become senior or mentor teachers, with higher pay and additional responsibilities.


Education is most earnings industry and wages of occupations concentrated in the educational services industry—education administrators, teachers, counselors, and librarians—are higher than the average for all occupations. Among teachers, earnings increase with higher educational attainment and more years of service. Full-time postsecondary teachers earn the most, followed by elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers. Benefits generally are good, but, as in other industries.


Development of new School or Improve the leadership and management of established School with an experienced Consulting Firm


We have wealth of experience in all aspects of the school design process and our development work. If you are facing challenges that are holding your school back from reaching its goals? Do you want to start new School or College with expert advice? Do you want to improve your Sick School or develop a strategic plan to focus on your future? We can offer a complete Package for Setting up a new School including advice on governance, Staffing, Curriculum, Building design and Information Communication Technology. For established schools moving into new premises we can help to ensure that your new buildings meet your educational requirements both in the short term and in the future.

We provide comprehensive, customized education and management services in the following areas:


  • School Development
  • School of Management-Improvement Planning Steps-Master Plan Design-Governance Structure-Decision-Making Process-Teacher Collaboration-Communication Channel-Managing Changes
  • School Staff Development and Training
  • School Marketing
  • School Curriculum Development Age wise with International Standards
  • Head of School & Faculty Searches
  • Financial Planning & Management
  • International Education Development Consulting
  • Building Schools for the Future
  • Introducing Innovation and Best Practice
  • Educational research – through extensive in-house expertise in this field
  • Development of Learning Interactive Course Materials with Latest Technology
  • Finance and Human Resource Management Planning
  • Project Management – including deployment of consultants, financial management and budgeting, quality control and project monitoring and evaluation
  • Recruit an Outstanding Faculty and Staff
  • Attract and Retain Exceptional Teachers and Staff
  • Marketing and Brand Your School for a Competitive Edge
  • Schools Safeguarding Standard
  • Embedding ICT across the Curriculum- Developing your Teaching Practice Using ICT
  • SMART Tools Measuring Classroom Progress-21st Century Learning, Assessment investigation, and Collaboration in Computer-Supported Environments
  • Models of Psychological Services in School Settings-Psychology and Research in Education
  • Classroom and Behavior Charts For Teachers-Behavior Management and Student Discipline-Behavior Tips and Tricks
  • Theories and Techniques of Multicultural Group Counseling Students and their Families
  • A Philosophical Guide to Learning-'learning to learn' offers pupils an awareness-cover and Nurture Your Child's Learning Strengths-Learn Faster; Raise Grades and Test Scores-Diagnose and Solve Stubborn Learning Problems
  • Introduction and Methods of Creative Teaching Techniques for Tomorrow

SMART Education System is a new approach that uses recent digital technology to teach primary and secondary students. Smart School is an integrated, self-contained approach to instruction that consists of modules that are designed to be effective for students with various learning styles. Accordingly, the system offers visual, auditory, verbal and manipulative approaches to help each student realize his or her individual academic potential.

SMART Solutions K-12 helps schools increase IT efficiency and enhance student achievement. Our team includes experienced educators, highly skilled engineers and technicians, and other specialists who work to ensure that all technologies systemically advance the academic and business goals of our clients. Our goal is to develop long-term technology partnerships with schools across all over the country to help transform them for the 21st Century.
The SMART Solutions team is a diverse company that understands the education environment. We are far more than a technology company; we are a group of systems thinkers and educators. We have the highest recognized technology certifications as well as highly educated business professionals with the right mix of formal education and “roll your sleeves up” experience.


Technology and information systems are a pervasive part of our lives and it is our mission as educators to prepare our students for a world we can barely envision. It is also our duty as public servants to maximize our taxpayer dollars and provide a consistent, technology-rich learning environment while capitalizing on each and every dollar spent.


Our team ensures that our clients can access to the variety of skill sets required for a seamless and wholesale implementation and integration of technology in a K-12 environment. We understand schools and work to develop and deploy technology solutions, from the wiring closet to the classroom, which help schools to save time and money while increasing student engagement and achievement.