International universities collaboration


Collaborating with international universities is fundamental to providing excellent teaching and research.


engaging in:

  • Joint teaching and research programs

  • Exchange of researchers, teachers and students

  • Fellowship Programs

  • Chairs for visiting professors


Knowledge Transfer


University researchers collaborate closely with businesses, social institutions and research organisations. These collaborative initiatives are conducive to innovation, economic development and solutions for social issues – a process referred to as knowledge transfer.

The collaborative activities are carried out on the basis of contract research, individual projects and knowledge consortia. Climate change, the prevention of disease, sustainable energy and changing family structures are all examples of socially relevant research conducted by Universities (often in collaboration with other parties).


Advice and support for researchers seeking to cooperate with the business sector


The faculties assist researchers collaborating with businesses and civil society organisations in their efforts to acquire indirect government funding and contract research funding. The faculty Grant Offices serve as the main point of contact for researchers. Specialised support can then be provided by the VCI.


Advice and support for companies and organisations


VCI advises and supports start-up companies within and outside the Academic environment, and can be seen as a business incubator.


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