PJ WORLDWIDE LTD is a leading outsourced sales company that specialises in customer acquisition and retention, as well as lead generation for a diverse portfolio of clientele. We pride ourselves in giving our clients what they desire most: RESULTS!

Our company focuses on face-to-face sales through business-to-business or business to consumer in order create the most direct personal link between clients and potential and existing customers. Rather than achieving results through the use of more traditional mass media forms of advertising, we utilise a more pro-active and personalised approach.

We use our experience to help our clients drastically decrease the gap between indirect marketing and the customers’ needs.


What Makes Us Different?

Our approach at PJ Worldwide Ltd is to provide our clients with a young, vibrant and 100% committed approach to marketing. We provide a top quality face-to-face acquisition service that will gain vast results. Providing customers with details about our client’s products on a face-to-face level as opposed to the use of mail-drops or call centres, allows us to measure results more effectively. Customers are also able to make a more informed and educated decision. Together this results in one thing… both customer and client satisfaction.

Our direct marketing is done through our specialised events and in store promotional campaigns to maximise client growth and brand awareness. Meeting with potential customers at events or ‘in-store’ allows us to forge a lasting relationship with the customer, this rapport will help develop and aid in the retention of the customer. We meet our customers’ needs with the advantage of visual demonstration and product advice.

At PJ Worldwide Ltd we provide our clients with measurable results, which can be analysed both daily and weekly.