B2Baltic United Business Networks Nordic is based on a platform with over 3.000.000 corporate representatives, 20.000+ business relationships, 150+ business partners, 9000+ registered members (data November 2014) on its own business networks, trading multiple hubs in Nordic, Baltic and D-A-CH-I territories. Business Gateway between Nordic/Baltic/Western-Russian and Middle-South Europe countries.


B2Baltic and its business blog “B2Baltic News” have been managed by Baltica & Partners since 2013, which represents the most popular new growing market-driver European business partnership for trading, import export, innovation, development, real estate, construction, high-tech, investments, international marketing, luxury, retail, wholesale and distribution, in Sweden (Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, Uppsala), Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius, Klaipeda), Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Khabarovsk), Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Munich), Denmark (Copenhagen), Austria (Vienna), Italy (Milan, Verona, Rome) and Switzerland (Zurich, Berna, Lugano).

Mission of our partnership: connecting bidirectionally Baltic and Nordic markets with middle Europe, involving Russia and improving business communications with Russian entrepreneurs, promoting renovation in Baltic and innovation everywhere, facilitating goods & services exchanges, creating new business opportunities above all those which are oriented to create new work places. Initiative promoter and sponsor, Daniel Janetschek, originally coming from German and Italian speaking engineering automation & digital world, where he´s been working at the beginning as young Telecommunications entrepreneur and consumer electronics wholesaler since end of ´90 years. Since 2012 he´s been working as executive Nordic business development director of multiple companies and founder of the new Baltic alliance of international entrepreneurs. He´s passionate in marketing, sales, training in IT, Automation, Real Estate, Medical, Social matters. He speaks mainly German, Italian, English. You find him also on the social networking facebook, and Google+, on the professional LinkedIn, and Xing.

Nationalities of the B2Baltic and Baltica & Partners business partners (statistic in August 2014):


German 20% ; Latvian 17% ; Sweden 15% ; Italian 9% ; Austrian 7% ; Lithuanian 7% ; Finnish 5% ; Swiss 3% ; Russian 3% ; Estonian 3% ; Danish 2% ; Polish 2% ; American 2% ; French 2% ; Spanish 1% ; Latino American: 1% ; Emirates 1%