a) is a not-for profit organization that:

  • is selected centre of the following European networks:
  1. Europe Direct
  2. Eurodesk 
  • is Promoter and European Coordinator of the following European networks: 
  1. EURO-NET NETWORK(in this network the association has 31 own Antennas distributed in 14 different countries)
  2. European Governance Network
  3. Euro-net - The Youth European Network
  4. European Inclusion Network 
  • is Associated Organism of the following European network:
  2. European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) 
  • is member of the following European networks: 
  1. European Network of Youth Centers (ENYC)
  2. Five Stars
  3. Media Network
  4. Guidenet
  5. European Youth Associations and Councils Network
  6. LLLClubs
  7. Euro-Med Young Artists Network
  8. Etnola network
  9. European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Young Women
  10. Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD)
  11. Social Employers Network (SEN)
  12. Ecumenical Network For Youth Action (ENYA)
  13. European Network Against Racism (ENAR)
  14. International Development Alliance (IDA)
  15. Science Education European Platform Network (SEEP Network)
  16. International Platform for Citizens Participation (IPCP) NGO Network
  17. Indaba Network
  18. Federazione Internazionale per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile e la Lotta alla Povertà nel Mediterraneo e Mar Nero (FISPMED)
  19. Anna Lindh Foundation (n. prot. 1276/2007)
  20. European Consulting Network (as Free Consulting Organization)
  21. EUMED Consortium
  • is associated member of the following European network:
  1. Inclues - Clues to inclusive and cognitive education
  2. URB-AL II Network 13 “Towns and the Information Society” 
  • compares also in the database of the following networks: 
  1. United
  2. WAVE Network
  3. South East European - Educational Cooperation Network
  4. Youth For Europe
  5. Development Gateway
  6. Global Youth Action Network
  7. Euro-Med Youth Trade Union Network
  8. EVS network
  9. RICK’s cafè
  10. Partners section of the European Commission’s website of European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
  11. Youth For International Development - Global Youth Networks
  • is recognized as intermediate organization in the database of the following European network:
  1. E-partenariat
  • is selected as regional centre for the project (for people with disabilities):
  1. NavigAbile

b) is inserted in the database of:

- E.Y.F. (European Youth Foundation) at n.858

- Euromed Platforum at n. 3162

c) is recognized as partner of European Parliament in the on-line media sector


d) is member of:

- Regional List of Cultural Association

- Dissemination Network of National Resource Centre for Orientation (Euroguidance) - ISFOL


e) has subscribed the European Road Safety Charter


f) is E-learning Center Point of the Open Telematic University Pegaso


Euro-net gives to children, young people and adults these services:


  • information and project development center
  • organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities
  • sector study, research
  • counseling, crisis support and prevention
  • e-learning, networking, partnerships, training courses and workshops
  • publications, newspapers and web sites


It has realised more than 220 European projects, especially with Youth, Socrates, European Youth Foundation, LLP, Leonardo, Representation in Italy of E.C., Council of Europe, etc. (see the list).


The Association co-operates with many public Administrations with which it has particular agreements for the diffusion of juvenile and adults activities and helps all juvenile organisations to realise European programs: with its help about 300 projects were realised and financed in Basilicata and in other Italian regions.


Euro-net is the consultant of about 100 different companies in Italy (from the North to the South): it has a strong connections with different Organizations of Industries and Companies consortia (in different parts of Italy), with a national Consumer Association and with the Chamber of Commerce of Potenza.


It is the leader of a consortium (called CONCRETO) that is managing a “Creative Centre” (called TILT) in Marconia di Pisticci (the province of Matera):


Concreto consortium is managing the Centre for Creativity of Marconia di Pisticci. The aforementioned centre is composed of multipurpose open spaces according to the “Visioni Urbane” programme’s style (a project of “Patto con I Giovani”) realized by REGIONE BASILICATA together with MINISTERO DELLO SVILUPPO ECONOMICO (ministry of economic development) and financed by the FAS, meaning underused areas funds. It covers an indoor area of about 400 sq mt, a 700 sq mt parkland, a 400 sq mt terrace, a 1000 seats auditorium (with a stage of 300 sq mt) and a large parking. The Centre for Creativity can be suitable for live performances (theatre, concerts, stand-up comedies and so on), fairs, training courses, meeting, sport events, cultural exhibitions, movies (there are also a well-equipped editing hall and a recording studio). Moreover it includes some café areas, guest rooms, catering, info-point, show-room, etc.


Euro-net was chosen 2 times from the European Commission in the Pan-European Working Groups for its competences and 4 times published for its best practices in the field of media and communications). 



Complete address:     Euro-Net

                                   Vicolo Luigi Lavista, 3

                                   85100 Potenza (Italy)

Telephone:                 ++39 0971 23300

Tel./fax:                       ++39 0971 21124


Web portal:         

Web site of the

President:                     Anna Lagrotta

Contact person:            Antonino Imbesi (responsible of european projects)