India All India Association of Industries

Established in 1956 in Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country by Shri Babubhai M. Chinai, M.P. The AIAI has over 1400 members and through its affiliates it represents over 30,000 industries. Nearly 70 percent of its members are from the SME sector. With sweeping changes brought about by rapid globalization, mergers and takeovers having become the order of the day, with new challenges for industry to a large extent AIAI meets the requirement of SMEs in this process.


Through the ages


The list of AIAI’s past Presidents reads like the Who’s Who of Industry and business and comprises people who made Mumbai the prosperous business capital it is today. Founder President Babubhai Chinai, MP, Pravinchandra V. Gandhi, Jayantilal Mehta, Madhav Gandhi, Prem Chand Jain, Harish Mahindra, Jayant S. Dalal, G. N. Somani, Naran C Desai, Himat J. Doshi, Ghanashyam Binani, J. M Doshi, Kiran N Jhaveri and Chandrakant S. Desai.


Today, the Association is led by Vijay Kalantri as the President with Rupa Naik as the Executive Director.


“The road ahead is fraught with many challenges but the AIAI has always reveled in tackling them head on. It will continue to promote the vital interests of the growing SME sector which is so critical to the functioning of an efficient economy,” says Naik.