Parts Services Holland LTD.



Parts Services Holland Ltd. was founded in 2009 by four people who share their passion about two- and four wheel vehicles and in particular, the mechanical part.


By this passion and great interest in the so-called “green economy” we have joined forces and have developed in a creative and innovative way a new revolutionary gearbox.

The team was in agreement that the current traditional propulsion system, the data with various axes and many gears that was in the late 19th century en early 20th century could be improved. A major drawback of the system is that there are many different and relatively heavy parts needed, the return loss is very high and the engine power and release to the powered wheel are great.

In short:
- a costly investment with little return,
- a high wear and tear,
- relatively expensive in maintenance.


The team has managed to come up with a new revolutionary system.
The new system has been patented and has the following names: