Worldwide ranking

  • 1st in production and auctioning of cut flowers and flower bulbs

  • 1st in number of broadband connections per 100 inhabitants

  • 1st in density of road network

  • 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products

  • 2nd in Quality of Water Transportation

  • 4th largest seaport

  • 4th in Logistics performance index

  • 5th most competitive economy in the world: Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013

  • 5th in overall export of goods

  • 5th in investment abroad

  • 6th most innovative country: Global Innovation Index 2012

  • 7th largest importer of goods

  • 8th in foreign direct investment in the Netherlands

  • 10th in export of commercial services

  • 10th in import of commercial services