The firm is the largest in the North-East of Estonia manufacturer of a wide range of products from decorative, washed and polished cement.

The company was established in early 2002. Less than in a year GEOS TEK was able to launch its products onto the Estonian market with covering a wide range of produced items and occupy the leading position in its segment.

Production base is the technology of vibratory casting of concrete products production and stationary fibreline with use of advanced European technologies, unique components and materials that allows to manufacture products of the highest quality, corresponding to all European stabdards in the field of decorative and finishing concrete products.

Production firm personnel was trained in the best companies in the Czech Republic and Germany, using the technology of vibratory casting. GEOS TEK staff use all their knowledge and skills for the preparation of concrete mixtures to manufacture products of the highest quality.


Geos TEK COMPANY produces and sells a wide range of small concrete products, which is divided into 11 major groups:


  •  City furniture

  •  Products of landscape design

  •  Steps and platforms

  •  Deck tiles

  •  Landscaping sites

  •  Facade and finishing materials

  •  Road improvement

  •  Concrete products

  •  Metal products

  •  Fencing and related products

Addionally our company is a supplier of plastic containers made by a German company Weber.




  • The yards of private and municipal houses, access roads and Park paths, squares and streets of settlements, Parking and pedestrian zone.
  • The lobby of the buildings; the floors of industrial, trading, warehouse, garage and basement, stairs, entrances and square and garden paths.
  • Furnish of socles and facade tile imitates the structure of natural stone, however, more robust, durable and affordable; the interior design of offices, houses, apartments; fireplaces, saunas and bathrooms.
  • Exclusive design, and landscaping of yards of private homes, farms, cottages and garden plots.
  • Beautification of parks, sidewalks, squares and streets of settlements. A unique design of gardens, private houses, villages, rest homes and sanatoriums.


GEOS TEK sells its products throughout entire Estonia and for export. Using the best technology, a huge selection of tiles, wide color spectrum and individual approach to each customer, the company is confident that it will be able to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers.


GEOS TEK production facility is located in IDA-Virumaa. on the route Tallinn-Narva in the vicinity of the EU border with Russia. For many years we have been producing high-quality products, most of them having no matching items on the market. Flexible approach to clients, competitive prices, guarantee on all products, delivery all over Estonia and for export. We invite to cooperation designers, architects, builders, resellers of construction materials and potential customers wishing to decorate the interior, exterior, landscape, home and office.

Gennady Borisov
gsm: +372 55 48089



Reg. Nr. 10854602
VAT nr. EE100751343

Järve küla, Kohtla vald,

30331, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia