CONSİGLİERİ Consulting Company, LLC

CONSİGLİERİ Consulting Company, LLC represents Sellers of raw materials directly as well as operates via licensed Partners and final Buyers or their Represntatives authorized to do business and having financial standing approved by the parties.

We offer unique and serious solutions assuring successful transactions in each case.


The safety of our Client, Seller and Buyer is our priority. In this respect, we offer closing procedures suitable for each partner who participates ini business procedures.

Upon serious requests, we provide regularly upadtaed list of products that we can offer on behalf of our Clients.


CONSİGLİERİ Consulting Company, LLC acts on warranty as broker, retainer agent, trader.

Wholesale lots are tackled in any amounts and geographic scope is worldwide.




Management consulting and legal support are rendered on retainer basis. CONSIGLIERI Consulting Company, LLC acts as business partner and Clent's representative .


Legal services are of basically traditional scope in the filed of civil and commercial law applicable to both legal and real persons and not contradicitng va;id law of the country in which business is done.


  • Claims and debt cases. courts and arbitration
  • Bankruptcy management, general management
  • Comprehensice analysis and expert study of corporate standing (due diligence),
  • Establishment of corporate legal divisions
  • Legal support and assurance of transaction transparency, protection and representation of corporate interests, corporate law
  • Merging and aquisition  (M&A), restructuring and speacil deals
  • Investments and market analysis, international law
  • Registrations, approvals and licenses, certificates and patents
  • Crisis management, liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Arrangements for Dispute Accommodation Commissions in case of corporate and working disputes, labour law




  • Monitoring of corparate management system
  • Marketing strategy development including positioning and brand management, competitive advantages and product developoment, promotion and eastblishment of sales chains, pricing policy
  • Development of operative stategies including production, personnel and information startegies
  • Corporate structure development including management, business processes, staff instructions, procedures, incentive systems
  • Strategy implementation methods: systematic reporting, measures planning and reporting
  • Financial startegy development including resource planning, budgeting, financial results assessment
  • Support procedures and assistance


Other services

Other consulting services are targeted at corporate performance improvement and better status achievement.This type of consulting complies with the requirements of international rating agencies like Fitch Ratings (Fitch), Moody’s Investor Service (Moody’s) and Standard & Poor's Rating Services (S&P).  It is based on specific requirements of the Client and the terms of funding partner as well as takes account of financial performance of the issuer.


Geography/markets: Azerbajan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Asia, Georgia