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Induction heater is the best existing heating equipment for low-temperature electrical heating. Iinduction heating minimizes costs. Economically better solution as compared to diesel, oil and even gaseous boilers. The principle we apply is "Install and forget".

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We supply pole driving equipment to build easily versatile foundations. Affordable prices.

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Building materials.

Waste Disposal - Incinerators


ISO:9001 certified products.

Thermal conversion is based on low-temperature pyrolysis wherein heat is used to decompose feedstock in primarily non-reactive environment or air or oxygen free process. Hydrocarbon waste turns into standard products that can be used for other purposes.

Benefits: transformation of solid and liquid waste into a valuable commodity and a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant no-cost feedstock.

Construction and mining machinery.

Spare parts.

Woodworking Equipment

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Best choice furniture to suit any customer and meet any requirement.


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