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Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Cluster Initiative - An Interactive Experience

The Virtual Cluster Initiative will not only increase the effective range of your marketing activities, it will also increase the level of exposure. The  virtual exhibition integrates applications, such as, live chat, real-time polling and surveys, social media, v-card exchange and collaboration tools, creating a fully interactive virtual experience accompanied with a virtual 3-D booth tailored to your needs.
Our communication platform integrates with your systems and offers a wide range of features that will maximize activities and bridge distances in real-time all  Public and Private, Social or Voluntary, State or Government Sectors.

Why Virtual Cluster Initiative?

The Virtual Cluster Initiative

"Virtual trade show" is a fully customizable virtual three-dimensional event that replicates the traditional show experience with features such as an auditorium for live and on-demand presentations, Exhibition Halls equipped with virtual booths and networking lounges for participants interact. The main difference is that the virtual show can be viewed decentralized by anyone from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Exhibitions

It offers companies the opportunity to highlight their products and increased its involvement in a wide audience of industry insiders and potential customers. Unfortunately, budgets are becoming smaller, customers are less willing are to spend money to major trade shows or travel sacrifice time away from their business.

Increase the size of the audience and the service life of measuring with Virtual Cluster Initiative virtual events. Scenarios There are numerous scenarios for online events, such as virtual career fairs and virtual Marketing campaigns (such as "Online Trade Shows" and "Online Workshops"). Companies that work intensively with partners can align virtual partner events to thereby inform their network of other products and solutions. Another very common usage scenario represent virtual
corporate events ("Online Corporate Events"), most of which inform nationally positioned companies their employees on specific issues or schools.

The Following are some Scenarios


Virtual Corporate Event


There are numerous possibilities: internal annual kick-off events for the sales team ("Field Kick Off Meeting") and development conferences ("R & D Conference") are two prominent examples. On such events usually exchange of confidential information, which should indeed reach employees worldwide, but left the corporate limits may not. 


Homepage supplement or Replace


In a narrower sense it refers to the page that is displayed as a central starting page of a website. In a broader sense is also known as Homepage Used term for an entire website and equated with the site.


After an Exhibition


After the show is before the show ...

(an acient phraseology)


Through the virtual continuation of an Exhibition it becomes a new meaning. With the use of Virtual Reality and the Internet that extends the Range of Communication and customer acquisition over the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative Platform. The online Exhibition is an addition to a trade show, however, cannot replace it. But also forms the perfect combination of reality and the infinite possibilities of the Internet.


Product Launch


Get more out of your product launch; create "Virtual Launch Centre"

With the Virtual Cluster Initiative - Virtual Briefing Centre (VBC) solution, you can create an easy-to-use, fully branded, three dimensional resource that can be used as a central portal for all launch-related presentations and content. A virtual Launch Centre can extend the life of your market by the content available on demand long after the initial start date has passed.


Virtual Customer Day


Virtual events can be used to generate new leads or transport information to existing customers about new products and solutions that have been deployed. Here, information is presented via video streaming and virtual information booths.

Furthermore, you can also communicate directly with customers and interact via VOIP. This happens for example in personal chats or in group discussions or in a Video Conference.


Online training and virtual training


The range of training can be greatly increased with a virtual event platform used to link a broadcast of training sessions and distributed to a group of participants (so-called "remote nodes"). In every training concept the interaction plays a key role. This interaction can be can be achieved through the Virtual Cluster Initiative platform for example, integrated audio transmissions for questions and answers ("Q & A Audio Broadcast").




Chat: Instant Messaging Service - with or without webcam
• Real-time management of the connection status of participants Organization of a real-time survey
• Representation of the participants through a avatar
• Documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, ...)
• E-mail: internal messaging service
• redirecting links to the websites of your choice




advice and the ability to download documents: product sheets Business cards, press releases, ...
• Display of the data entered in the administration interface
• Commercial or Corporate Presentation format (FLV)
• Slideshow: slides, photos, ...
• Conferences: live or via podcast
• Virtual tour: identification, initial contact, ...


Marketing tools


Increase by your ROI (Return on Investment)
• The purchase of a database and structured


Contact Forms


The management and rental of advertising space
• The guarantee qualified leads obtained by tracking the participant who downloaded the product data sheets
• Reduction of logistics costs
• The creation of optimized internal procedures
• A unique opportunity to show that you are an innovative company
• to your customers, clients and employees are
• Respect for the environment: a strong argument to appeal to your audience


E-commerce option


Data sheets can be found on the stands
• Online shopping
• Integration of discounts
• Online payment