Jeffrey Kleinpeter

Master Professional (CCI) of

Technical Management




Area of Expertise

Production Technology, Business Management, SCM, Logistics


Phone +49 7142 921952


Global Management Team

The Virtuelle Cluster Initiative is managed as a single global firm by a group of partners based in offices around the world. The Virtuelle Cluster Initiative partners work collaboratively across borders, drawing upon extensive experience in international development in the public and private sectors. Their mandate is four-fold: to ensure every one of our projects contributes to lasting impact; to ensure we deliver disproportionate value for our clients; to make substantial contributions to the knowledge and insights within the development community; and to help our colleagues grow into true leaders in the development sector.




Mikhail Artamonov




Russian Federation


Extensive experience of work and consulting in many sectors. Successful export and import, business facilitation and promotion. 


Export, import. business services, marketing, logistics, distribution, consulting

e-mail: e-cluster(at)




Kateryna Levkovska

Export Market Research





Market research and international trade expert, has been advising business who wish to export to Baltic countries, Central & Eastern Europe and Scandinavia since 2003. Can speak several languages including English, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian. 


Key areas of expertise: market research, business matchmaking, facilitation of co-operation, foreign trade missions and export promotion.

e-mail: kateryna(at)