Upgrade 3-D Virtual Exhibition "VCI PRO"

VCI 3-D Expo

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Participants have the possibility to connect with other participants’ worldwide broadening their Business Network. A key element to innovation is the dialogue among stakeholders. The influence and more affordable ICT has allowed us to integrate and bring new tools forward which can be applied to cluster development be it training, cross-sectoral / cross-border collaboration or setting a centralized framework and eliminating the geographical barrier “distance”.


  • 1 GB upload of data (PDF, PPT, video...)
  • integrated video conferencing solution
  • 3-D dynamic state of the art expo booth with advatars
  • the possibility to log in back end and make changes yourself and as often as you wish
  • language is limited to english and German
  • it is to be purchased on a yearly based plan 


The Key Advantages of a Virtual Exhibition 



The Virtual Cluster Initiative will not only increase the effective range of your marketing activities, it will also increase the level of exposure.


The general idea is to create a world Exhibition allowing / setting the Framework for SMEs to participate in the Global economy: 



  • Promote your brand
  • Connect with like professionals worldwide
  • Cost effective way of reducing the carbon footprint
  • Online 24/7, 365 days a year - Free of charge for your visitors
  • Available from any device 


Our communication platform integrates with your systems and offers a wide range of features that will maximize activities and bridge distances in real-time all Public and Private, Social or Voluntary, State or Government Sectors.


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